So I “stumbled” upon a blog the other day that was strictly for guys so of course I was curious (or Click Here)

And the author of the blog had an interesting article entitled

The Ten Most Dangerous Mistakes YOU Probably Make With Women Part 1

  1. Being too much of a “nice” guy
  2. Trying to convince her to like you
  3. Looking for her approval or permission
  4. Trying to “buy” her affection…
  5. Sharing how you feel to early in the relationship

The author made some really good points but he missed something very important – he did not define “woman” instead he generalized (perhaps based on personal observations)…However I disagree because based on my own personal observations:

Real women do not plan a life with a man based on a “gut level reaction”

Real women respect and appreciate “nice guys” therefore a real man can never be “too nice”

Real women like to be treated well, so while you can’t buy her affections, you can certainly show her that she is worth something to you.

Yes! I agree that Real women do not want a man to share how he feels too early in the relationship – not because they are approached all the time, and you seem like just another guy, but because intimacy is an important thing to women, and if a guy is too quick to share his intimacy, it is only easy to assume that he must have shared this level of intimacy with so many before…

One last note – real women, no matter how attractive they are, do not make it their business to date many guys, because they know their value so instead they are picky and only the exclusive few can make it into their hearts.

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