Temptation is always lurking

Temptation is always lurking, looking for access to your heart. You’re the only one that can protect your heart, because there will always be something that you can be discontented about. There will always be someone else out there that seems better in some regard. There will always be something that seems better. There will always be a situation that can get you thinking that life would have been better “if only…”

It’s up to you to realize that even if life is not where you would like it to be, you can still be contented. It’s up to you to realize that the man or the woman you’re with is good enough (if they’re good to you), or that it’s time for you to move away from the pain of the relationship you’re currently in. Don’t let temptation for “greener pastures” or temptation for “wanting to have what others have” or temptation to be able to say “you have a man” keep you from experiencing God’s best for you…

Temptation is always lurking, and there will always be “good” reasons to give in to temptation, but you must realize that there will never be a reason good enough. YOu must remember that the pain of succumbing to temptation ends up hurting for much longer, and ends up being much more painful than you could have ever imagined.

Remember who God called you to be, focus on that, and the rest will fall into place.

TemptationCreative Commons License Vincent Luigi Molino via Compfight

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