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Yay! you’ve made it to week 3…that’s a great accomplishment!

Remember all you have to do is:

1. If you feel like complaining, don’t say a single word

2. When you feel like complaining, think of something you are thankful for, if you don’t have someone to call a best friend, be thankful that at least you don’t have a back-stabbing “best friend,” if your best friend got married and is now too busy for you, be thankful that at least she’s happy… 🙂


If you did not get a chance to read the previous posts, you really ought to check it out.

This week I would like to encourage you to try not to be a superhero to your friends.

Trying to be a superhero only leaves you resentful and hurts those you love.

See a lot of our problems come from taking on other people’s problems. No I’m not saying that you don’t help your friends, but some of us are so good at taking on everyone’s emergencies that we always feel as if the problem of the world is on our shoulders…we’re always running to stop one fire or the other…always exhausted, and always busy…and then we complain…

We complain that some people only contact us when they need help, we complain that we don’t have time for ourselves, we complain that we never have time to do anything fun…we get resentful and the friendships we were trying to save by trying to do everything they asked us to do eventually ends because we are just too tired to do anything…

So this week, make it a habit to say “NO.” Don’t take on other people’s emergencies, just because they chose not to plan well. Trust me they will be okay, and perhaps next time they will be more considerate of your time. Say “NO” to the person who is calling to whine and complain just so they can dump all their negativity on you…

If you keep your lid closed, people won’t throw their trash in your containers.

You’re not their God, you can’t solve all (or most) of their problems…so your best bet is to pray for them, help them when you can, and do your best to keep your sanity!

Have a great week!

Keep inviting your friends…and keep sharing your successes.

Let’s talk soon.

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p.s. Next week we’ll talk about how learning to appreciate others…