I know I know… you’re in shock! two posts in a row… well let’s just say I’ve had a bit of free time, and I’ve been thinking… and I thought I’d share…

Anyway, so I was listening to this podcast and they were talking about how we usually focus on what we think is wrong with us and create New Year’s resolutions on that premise… but we often forget to think about what’s right with us, or what’s good about us…

I was thinking about that, and I realized that it is sooooooo true, especially for us women…we focus too much on what we don’t like… so let me be the first to talk about what I like about you and what I like about me…

1. I like that you read my blog, enjoy my thoughts and share yours

2. I like that you are patient with me and understand that things are not always as they seem

3. I like that you are interested in becoming a better person

What I love most about myself is my desire to encourage people, and I think that’s something very good that I celebrate everyday.

So over to you – What’s good about you?

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