This is NOT how I will meet my Husband

I was walking down the street the other day and I walked by this attractive guy. We exchanged greetings and continued. Not more than 5 seconds later I heard him say “I know it’s snowing, but I would love to meet you.”

I blushed.

Wow he would like to meet me, I felt privileged and attractive, especially since I hadn’t put any make up on or even taken a shower by that time.

“So what do you say?” He asked. I was quiet.

He started to walk towards me and that was when I heard it.

“This is NOT how I will meet my husband.” It came from me, but yet it did not. I knew I needed to listen to this voice, but I was tempted and flattered by this gentleman’s attention. Thankfully I listened and told him I was not interested.

Many times when we (Christians) expect to hear from God, we think that He will speak in an audible voice and he will say “Mary! stay away from him, or don’t do that!” But most times, God speaks to us in that small still voice. God is spirit, so He speaks to our spirit and our spirit speaks to us. We can hear from God either through a word of knowledge, where we just know something, and it doesn’t make sense that we know it. Other times He can speak through our spirit and we hear it in a first person voice, that we often think that we are speaking to ourselves, not knowing that it is God speaking to us.

I’m not sure whether it was a word of knowledge or a voice in my spirit, but I do know that I realized that this was not the way I would meet my husband. So by the grace of God I was able to reject the deception of the devil.

How about you? How often have you heard from God and ignored Him? Or can you even tell when you hear from God?

Check out this teaching by Andrew Wommack on Hearing God’s voice.

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