I recently wrote a guest post on Bella Naija on some of the HR issues that many organizations have, and why some people are struggling getting jobs. Here’s an excerpt below:

People keep talking about the unemployment rate in Nigeria. Oh it is so high. Oh there are no jobs. Oh there are jobs but there are no qualified people. Oh Nigeria, Oh Nigeria, Oh Nigeria.

The truth is that there are quite a number of jobs, but it can be so hard to fill them sometimes. I have had the opportunity to help recruit for some organizations and when we start getting resumes/CVs I start getting a headache.

Why would I recommend that you get hired when you can’t even spell your name correctly? Or you can’t even spell my company’s name correctly? Well, there are many reasons that you may not be getting called for an interview, or for the position; but, here are a few reasons why you may not be hearing back from the organizations you applied to:

Typographical errors
This is the worst thing ever, as in EVER. When H.R people see typographical errors they immediately believe this person doesn’t know how to spell. This person will embarass me if I recommend them to the organization. This person will embarass the company if they are ever hired. In the end this person may…

You can read the rest by clicking this link

Looking for a job?
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