I had been playing with the thought of going natural for many years (i.e. letting my natural hair texture go, instead of putting relaxers in it to straighten it). But I kept finding excuses. I was concerned that it wouldn’t look professional, I was concerned that it would be too hard to manage, I was concerned that guys wouldn’t find me attractive, I was concerned about many things…

Then in 2008 one of my good friends went to a job interview with an afro and she got the job, I saw many ladies around me deciding to go natural… and then I had one of the most interesting/life-changing breakups of my life… I decided that I needed to do something different… I needed to make changes… I needed to become a different person… I needed to get closer to God… and so one of the results of this decision to become a new person was my decision to chop off all my relaxed hair… and five years later, I’m more in love with my hair than ever before… It wasn’t easy, but oh I’m so glad I did it.

Oh and guess what? My husband loves my hair 🙂

How about you? What is your natural story?

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