His purpose in life is not to amuse you

I once dated a guy and after a few weeks I told him that I was bored… well I expected him to be my entertainment and to keep me amused and entertained whenever I had free time… but his purpose in life was not to amuse me… it was my duty to amuse myself…

Everyone in this life has a purpose. Although we can all enjoy the journey together and try to have fun together, we can’t blame each other if we have not taken the responsibility to have fun by ourselves… My husband is a busy guy… he is busy because he is trying to accomplish some things for our family… so I leave him alone… because if he was spending all his time trying to keep me amused, we would never get anywhere, he would never accomplish his God-given purpose, and I would be constantly ungrateful and irritated…

So if you’re dating someone that is good to you, but you find yourself getting bored, it’s time to realize that it’s not them, IT’S YOU!!!

Remember to smile today 🙂

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