5- He should like you all the time

hey y’all – It’s time for a new series, that I plan to turn into a book… We would like to talk about relationship fallacies that are ruining our relationships, and how we can fix them… I’m still working on a title, so if you have any suggestions I would appreciate it :-).

This is a series on relationship fallacies for the rest of the series, please click here.

Fallacy #5 He should like you all the time.

I know you all think I’m so perfect, but I’m not (hehe)… There are times that I do things to disappoint my parents, or my husband, but because they love me, they give me other opportunities. They may not like me very much at the time, but their love for me sees beyond the problems and works to maintain the relationship.

I have friends that sometimes believe that just because we are friends I should like every decision they make, or like them even when they are naughty, but even when I realize that we’re all human and that we all make mistakes sometimes, I still can’t help but get angry with my friends sometimes…

So also in a relationship with your significant other, there will be times when he doesn’t like you, or like the decisions you’ve made, or like your attitude at that particular time, and that doesn’t mean your relationship is doomed to fail, in fact it means your relationship is real, and you two can be comfortable expressing yourselves. I believe in becoming a better person everyday, and sometimes my quest for betterment may result in me making mistakes… but I’m glad to know that even when I make mistakes, my husband’s warm arms are still waiting there to comfort me and remind me that I will do better next time.

How about you? What do you do when your friends do things that you don’t like? Or they do things that you think is harmful for them?

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