44- he should always let you have your way

hey y’all – It’s time for a new series, that I plan to turn into a book… We would like to talk about relationship fallacies that are ruining our relationships, and how we can fix them… I’m still working on a title, so if you have any suggestions I would appreciate it :-).

This is a series on relationship fallacies for the rest of the series, please click here.

FALLACY #44: He should always let you have your way

What can I say? I love having my own way… is there anyone who doesn’t love having their own way? well I’m not Mrs. Anyone, I’m Osayi. This is one that I’m really working on…

The other day I had to apologize to my husband for insisting that he do something exactly how I wanted him to do it. He pointed out that there were some things he wanted me to do, that we had discussed, and although I don’t do it perfectly all the time, he his patient with me (yes y’all my hubby is a wonderment!)… and he was right…

The person you’re in a relationship with is not perfect, he never was, and never will be, but because he loves you, he will try, and because you love him, you will try, and you will be patient, and you will forgive when things don’t work out the exact way you wanted them to… because truth be told, true love is not about getting your way all the time, but about acting generously when things don’t work out the way you want them to…

true love is realizing that it’s not “your way or the highway” in fact when you love someone you throw your way out and figure out what “our way” should look like – together…and when it’s all said and done, doing it TOGETHER is the most important thing.

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