Finding the one (2): Please fix my problems

Last week I talked about relationships, and how we all need to find our purpose. This week I’m going to talk about one of the biggest misconceptions that people have about relationships. Instead of going to God to ask him to fix our problems, we go to people. We expect to find this spectacular relationship that will make us never hungry or thirsty again.

In reality getting into a relationship quadruples the problems. Because now each person is thinking about their individual problem and their spouse’s problem and how they will approach it. For example it is no longer his debt and her debt, it is our family debt. So you are excited, you snagged yourself a snazzy doctor and now you too are a doctor, by association. But you didn’t realize that he or she got that degree by going hundreds of thousands of dollars into debt. You thought you had debt issues with your meager $15,000 student loan and credit card balance, until you saw your future spouse’s $349,000 student loan debt and $37,000 credit card debt. Yup, it’s now OUR problem, but hey at least you got a snazzy doctor.

Why not do something this week you haven’t done before. Take some time out, sit down and think about the kinds of problems that could affect your marriage (financial, bad habits, spiritual etc.) and create a plan to fix this problem. You want your marriage to work don’t you? Well give yourself a better chance of success.

Have a great week! (and leave comments here)