Finding the one (3): I won't be lonely again

Last week I talked about how a relationship will not fix your problems. This week I want to talk about another common misconception. I’m just going to be blunt and say that people (AKA human beings) are not toys, they were not placed on the earth to fix your problems or to amuse you (or to be “test driven” for that matter- but that will be another blog post)

Some of the loneliest people in this world are married people. There’s one kind of lonely where you are single and hopeful that you will not have to be alone forever. But there’s another kind of lonely where you wake up every morning in despair, looking at the other side of the bed, wondering how you could have ever made such a foolish mistake.

The best advice I can give you is learn to not be lonely by yourself. Learn to not be codependent on anyone. Because as Andrew Wommack always says, the only people that will let you down are those you lean on.

Why not do something this week you have never done before. Pay attention to times that you feel lonely, and squash those thoughts that say I’m lonely because I’m not in a relationship. Remove loneliness from your vocabulary. Any time you feel lonely, go out and create something. Don’t give yourself the space or time to be lonely.