Finding the one (5): It's okay if he doesn't love God

Last week we talked about the misconception that it’s necessary to “test-drive” you future mate. This week we will be talking about whether it is important for your future spouse to love God.

When I was in college, one of the best guys I dated was an atheist. He was one of the most respectful, caring, hardworking guys I had ever met. We could have the most intellectually stimulating conversations, and I enjoyed being around him. I remember one day at dinner he asked me why I never tried to convert him, and I casually said “well if you already know that Jesus is the way, and you have decided not to follow him, well you’re the one going to hell not me.”

Then we both laughed. I know, I know it sounds awful, but this is exactly what we are saying when we get into a relationship with someone who doesn’t know God. We are saying “I want what I can get out of you, but I don’t particularly care about your soul.”

Yes, I know, since he’s such a great guy, better than all the other Christian guys out there, I’m sure God will understand. Yes, God understands that you don’t trust him, and you don’t believe him when He said He will never withhold any good from you. Yes, God understands that you would rather raise your children in an environment of confusion where daddy hates God, but momma loves Jesus. But hey, you got yourself a smart cookie; he’s so wise that he rejects the only thing that can save him.

Why not do something this week that you have never done before. Assess your idea of your ideal spouse. If God is not in that picture, you need to erase it and start over. Then you can be thankful for your spouse everyday.