When new sheets make you smile

Every week when we change our bedsheets I get excited. There is something nice about sleeping in clean sheets, that feel fresh and smells clean and freshly laundered.

I also like changing the sheets on Mondays because when my husband comes home from work, he always notices and smiles or laughs. Sometimes he laughs because I use our Tom and Jerry bed sheets which you can’t help but laugh at, other times he smiles because I use the sheets that feel soft and cool to the touch, and sometimes he laughs because I’ve chosen sheets with colors that are so bold and bright, you almost have to wear sunglasses to lie down…

I always look forward to his response, and I make sure to be in the room when he gets back…

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about God’s promises to us, and how he talks about making all things new, and how he tells us that his mercies are new every morning. I can just imagine God planning a beautiful sunset for us, or little miracles, or sending people to smile at us, or sending kids to do funny things, or saving us from near-fatal accidents… I can just imagine him smiling and eager excited for us to experience these new and beautiful things everyday…

and I wonder if I even notice most of them, or when I do, if I even acknowledge and appreciate it… but the great thing is that unlike me, God never gets tired of surprising us with beauty and creativity. God never gets tired of wanting to delight us, or make us smile. God never gets tired of planning things that he knows will make us happy, because afterall, he delights in us, and he delights in pleasing us…

As I seat here, I can think of something amazing that God did for me yesterday, and this morning, and a few minutes ago… I guess it’s time for me to smile, acknowledge and thank God, because, he really knows how to make this young lady smile.

It’s time to get out your smiley face ūüėČ

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