17 things I love about my husband

The number 17 has always been a special one for me, my birthday, the day I graduated, and the day I got married. Today is my one year anniversary, and I must say that I feel like the luckiest girl in the world that I get to share life with this man that I call my husband, my boo, my best friend… So I wanted to dedicate this post to him and share these 17 things about him that make me want to be a better person

17. My husband is a great friend to everyone. Everyone knows that if Kehinde is your friend, he is your friend. He will always have a listening ear, and he is always willing to sacrifice himself for his friends.

16. My husband is an encourager. There are days when I get overwhelmed with what is going on, and with the challenges of life, and my husband always has an encouraging word. I spend so much of my time trying to live 5 days in advance and thinking of all the challenges, and my husband just says “we will cross that bridge when we get to it.”

15. My husband is generous to everyone. My goodness gracious, my husband is so generous with his time, his treasures, his everything. He has a giver’s heart, and I think that is why he is always so blessed, and people are always so generous to him.

14. My husband’s word is bond. When my husband says he will do something, Lord knows he will do that thing. Even if he has to hop on one leg, one eye closed, tired from exhaustion. But if he says he will do something, you can take his word to the bank because he will do it.

13. My husband is committed to his family. I have never met someone who loves his parents and siblings as much as my husband, but this man wants to protect his extended family and his nuclear family. I mean anyone who treats his mom so well is obviously gold.

12. My husband is extremely patient. Me… well I’m kind of a microwave kinda gal. I want it now now now!…. but my husband…well he can wait for as long as he has to wait to get what he wants to get. It’s the most amazing thing because it makes me realize that not everything needs to be immediate.

11. My husband is the wisest man I know. You would think I married Methuselah or something, but I’m not sure how he got so wise, but he is wise beyond his years. There are times when I want to take a different decision, but when I listen to my husband’s wisdom I realize that well… that’s the reason I married him.

10. My husband is always looking for ways to add value wherever he goes. This man never ceases to amaze me. Whenever and wherever he goes, he finds a way to just add value. Some people think about what they can take from people, or how they can gain from others, but he is always looking for opportunities to add to others.

9. My husband is a snazzy dresser! Boy let me tell you… I had to step my game up when I became associated with him, ‘cos my husband definitely knows how to accentuate his handsomeness, and yeah I ain’t ashamed to say he’s all mine 🙂

8. My husband is strong. Whoa! that man is strong, and I’m so thankful for that because there is nothing too heavy or too big or too whatever for him to carry for his wife. And he is always willing to use his strength to help the wife of his youth 🙂

7. My husband is extremely resilient. Just as with anyone, this man has been through SOME THINGS!!! but you wouldn’t know that by just being around him. He bounces back from any challenge and any problem quite quickly and easily.

6. My husband is the humblest man I know. No matter where he is, he is always willing to do whatever he has to do to accomplish what needs to be accomplished. When he is right he is more than generous not to say “I told you so” and when he is wrong, is very quick to apologize.

5. My husband is very empathetic. He is always thinking about others, feeling other people’s pain and trying to avoid others being uncomfortable. He always tries to put himself in other people’s shoes and figure out how to help them, and how to solve their problems.

4. My husband is a very sacrificial person. He is willing to deny himself to ensure that others are well taken care of. And this extends beyond just his family. He is willing to sacrifice, just so that other people are okay.

3. My husband is a wonderful listener. Granted when listening to a woman like me, all he has to do is grunt a few times so I know he hasn’t fallen asleep or something. But for someone like me whose love language is quality time, and who connects through conversation, I feel so loved whenever he listens to me and spends time with me…and I’m thankful everyday for that.

2. My husband has the most amazing laugh in the world. I mean he smiles alot, but when I get him to laugh, I feel like I have accomplished so much. His laughter is like music to my ears, I can’t help but want to join him laughing.

1. My husband loves God more than anything or anyone, and because of his love for God he is able to love people in such a sacrificial way.

There are many more amazing things about my husband, but I will stop at 17, and use this opportunity to thank him for this wonderful first year, and to thank God for the privilege to be called his wife. HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY TO US!!!

For all the ladies in waiting, I promise you that there are still many wonderful guys out there, don’t give up hope.

For all the newlyweds, I pray that your marriage is sweeter and sweeter everyday.

And for all those who have been married for a long time, I pray that you find something about your spouse for which you are thankful everyday.