Do you hear that? Yeah that sound… that’s the sound of balls fallling…

I attended an event for professional women the other day, and they talked about how as women, you constantly have to juggle multiple balls – family, work, church, friends etc. And sometimes you will drop some of the balls…

That was a scary thought to me. I never want to drop any balls but you know…

Many years ago (about 20 years ago), I got very sick, and I was in the hospital for many days. My mother, a professional woman, left everything and stayed with me in the hospital during the whole time. At that time she let others take care of her other children, she took time off from her work – her time consuming business, to ensure that she was there when I needed her most…

I don’t have any children yet, but I would like to believe that I would do the same thing for my children… yes I would drop all those other balls to ensure that the most important ball, at the time, is not dropped.

Recently, I have had to drop some balls. I have learned to prioritize the most important people and things, and I have learned that sometimes it’s better to delegate, and sometimes you will drop some balls, but it’s okay…

It’s okay to be imperfect, it’s okay to feel bad when you let someone down, it’s okay to do all that is in your power to ensure you don’t let people down, it’s okay to realize that not all the balls are of equal importance, and it’s okay to drop some balls sometimes, if it means that you will protect the most important ones.

Long story short, being a woman can be challenging, being a wife can be demanding, being a career woman can be tasking, being a mother can be all-consuming, but in the end we must realize that it’s an honor and a privilege to have those opportunities – because in your womanhood is where you find the most fulfillment.

So yeah, I can hear the sound of dropping balls all around me, and I’m glad to hear them.

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