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Fifty-OneĀ (57 Ways to Beat Loneliness & Depression)

Make people feel needed

High school was one of the “funnest” yet most challenging times of my life. There was a lot of backbiting, fighting, hating and betrayal, which sometimes threatened to overtake all the good times. So as a coping mechanism I learned to treat people as if they were dispensable. I would act as if I didn’t need them, and when they hurt me or left my life I would say “well good riddance! I don’t need them anyway.” The problem with this attitude is that it was a self-fulfilling lifestyle. By acting like I did not need people they decided that it was in their best interest to go where they were needed instead. Although I was hurting inside, I pretended as if I didn’t care.

Growing up I learned that we all want to be needed. We all long to belong. So when we act as if we don’t need people, there is no reason for them to stay. No I’m not saying that you should go crying to everybody you meet asking them to be your source of hope, but let people know that you are truly glad you met them, and that your life is enriched with them in it. Yes we shouldn’t always make decisions based on feelings, but who likes to be around people who always ignore you?


Remember Life is meant to be shared.

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